Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Git 'eem!! Git 'eem!!

If you were at the last BYU home football game, maybe you overheard me shouting this in the stands. But maybe it wasn't me. Maybe it was one of the other many women there who were also shouting this when we were cheering on our defense.

I'm going to share a tiny secret about myself. I'm way into sports right now (relatively speaking)! And it's not even to please a boy. I'm so stoked about the NBA season starting. And I finally agreed to let Michelle get fancy cable for our home so that we can have the Mtn to watch college football.

And last weekend when BYU was playing Colorado State, I was freaking out. But that was a really close and exciting game.

Kay, I just shared something really personal and embarrassing about myself. So please don't judge me. And please, let's keep this between us. I've always thought sports were silly and pointless. And honestly I still do in a way, but I can also see their value. And I think getting really into a sporting event is a great way to relieve stress somehow. Don't ask me how. And don't judge me.


Kgordee said...

wow! So happy for you. I never would have seen it coming. I totally want to watch sports with you!

caroline said...

i hate football but i'm down to cheer for basketball. you know i love my warriors.

bud g chord said...

wait. are you a byu or utah fan?

lady ace said...


bud g chord said...

oh. that means it'll be a lot funnier for me when utah wins.