Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So Michelle and I decided

That we are the managers of our entrance of our apartment building. I tried to Allison that since Rick moved out, Michelle and I would be the new managers of our whole apartment building. But she wasn't having it. She did not think we have the authority to do so. And she may be right about that. Helen hasn't given us keys to all the apartments or anything. And also we're just girl, so we can't do a lot of stuff. And we don't know how to fix anything.

So I decided that we could be the new managers of our apartment entrance. So that's apartments 6,7, and 8. We all go in the same door. And Michelle and I have lived here longer than CK and Allison, so it only makes sense for us to be in charge.

So this is mostly just a heads up. If you need the upstairs girls for anything, it might be helpful to go through us first. We'll have their schedules posted on our wall. And just to let you know, since this is a big responsibility, I may be busy more often and it may be EVEN HARDER to get ahold of me. Didn't think that was possible, did you?

As part of Michelle and my new schedule, we'll be checking on those girls daily to make sure everything is running smoothly in their apartments and in their lives. And we consider ourselves lucky because most apartment managers only get to have a professional "hands off" relationship with the people in the building. But since we're friends with these girls, it can be more hands on. We're going to give out plenty of hugs where they're needed and give out relationship advice. And even on certain occasions, you might find us crying together with our tenants.

So maybe you feel jealous that you don't have this relationship with your apartment entrance manager. Maybe you should move into our building? Or at least learn from our example.


JS (Magic of making up) said...

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caroline said...

should i be nervous?

Hoon said...

you're not already?

thechoulespauls said...

those girls are lucky