Monday, October 27, 2008


So I'm sure you've been wondering about what ever happened to Michelle, her bike, her poor concept of bike care, and her low expectations of robbers' abilities, right? Well over the course of the last couple of weeks, things have happened. A couple of days after my first post she took her bike out of the living room and put it in our entry way (where her old bike is). I guess that was a compromise of not having it take up valuable living room space while not having it unlocked outside--free reign for meth-addicted robbers. There it sat in our entry way for about 2 weeks. Luckily it didn't get stolen even though it wasn't locked. I think the only real problem that occurred was that it impeded the moving out that was going on upstairs (our friend is getting married). About a week ago I noticed evidence that a bike lock had been purchased (I saw the plastic case that the lock was sold in sitting on the counter), but still not locked up.... UNTIL yesterday! It's locked up happily outside on our tiny fence on the other side of mine. Hopefully our neighb won't mind that michelle's bike is on her side of the little fence. I wonder if she asked her if it'd be okay... Anyway, I'm happy about this story's happy ending. It just goes to show that passively aggressively complaining about someone on your blog DOES INDEED heed the desired results!! So carry on, everyone! Maybe it just takes time, but eventually things will happen. No need to confront problems directly.

So let me try this. I really wish SLC would do a better job sweeping their glorious wide streets so I didn't get so many flat tires!


JENNILLE said...

Love reading your postings Mohamud. You have some great quirky moments to write about. Hope you're doing well!


Hoon said...

and who is it that helps you fix those flats when you get them nowadays?