Thursday, June 18, 2009


Nathaniel, please come visit me.
Think about all the times I've come to visit you in Seattle.

Love, Elin

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You Should Be Happy I'm Still Alive...

That is, if you were ever happy that I was alive to begin with. I came the 2nd closest to dying that I've ever come in my life yesterday! My friend and I were crossing the street when we were walking to the Smith's so my friend could buy fancy sauce. Some distracted dude was turning left and did NOT see us. He was looking down at something and was accelerating, heading closer & closer to us. It was our turn to cross. We even had the walker picture & the chirping. My friend had to pull me out of the way even though she's not very strong. Last second he looked up and swerved. Lucky for that. Or I would have been a squished piece of meat.

This Weekend...

We went camping this weekend at Arches and we saw a monkey face in the stone. I'm sure it was some sort of a sign. But maybe I think everything is a sign. It was really fun. But it's seldom that I don't have a great deal of fun in the desert. In our lovely, lovely deseret.

We also got tattoos. They were pretty great. If you can't tell, mine was some sort of glittery anchor and Chris's was some sort of freaky-eag.

Remember, I can do this any weekend, or any day. I'm unemployed and always one phone call away from adventure!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Decided That I...

Need to get with the program and take more pictures and post more pictures all over the internets. People probably have no clue how awesome my life is and that's sad. This is one of my favorite awesome things I've done lately. This camping trip was way fun and if you weren't there, you missed out.

My other favorite thing was today. I went on a little hike all by myself up Millcreek canyon and it was BEEE-yeautiful. Since it's been raining so much lately it was so verdant and lush up there. I felt like I was in Hawaii (but I haven't been to Hawaii for a way long time, so I'm probably way off on this one). Maybe if I go back there again soon (like maybe tomorrow) maybe I'll take a picture in that place and post it and everyone can see how beautiful and green Utah mountains can be in the early summertime. I also think I kinda made friends with a cute little deer. I saw a deer crossing the trail ahead of me. We both stopped and stared at each other for a while. And then I'd walk a bit and she'd walk a bit. Then we'd stop and stare at each other again for a while. Then I'd walk and she started following me. I felt like maybe she wanted to tell me something. And then this loud couple came up the trail and the big dumb loud boyfriend yelled and pointed at the deer and my deer friend bolted. I guess maybe it wasn't a super stable friendship anyway if she takes off the second something like that happens. But it was really cute while it lasted.