Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Gas at the Maverick station right by my work is only $2.07!! You should go there! And!! AND!!! You can get Abuelita hot cocoa from the machine and it's QUE RICO!!! Are you pinching yourself? I still am!


Emily Jeanne said...

I was feeling pretty awesome about getting gas for 2.31 at costco but i am so jeal about the 2.07!

lady ace said...

oh, it keeps getting cheaper! last night i saw some gas for $1.91. it makes me want to drive all the time!! just cuz it doesn't seem so silly anymore!! i'm going to need to buy SO MANY carbon offsets!!!

ram said...

Abuelita at the gas station???? Genius. That's all I gotta say. Now if they would start selling hot flour tortillas to eat with that it would be perfect.