Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Found Love

At the library. One of my favorite places in SLC to find new loves. (Others include Liberty Park & bus stop). I was looking for a book when out popped Markus, my new love. He approached me like this:

Markus: Whoa! Do you see that? Look at that. Have you seen that?

He was pointing down at my foot.

Me: My scar on my ankle? Yeah, I've seen that.
Markus: Wow. I have the same scar!

(Shows me his scar. Proceeds to tell me that he was the #2 college football player something something last year, but now can't play because of his calcium deposits in his ankle).

Markus: You got calcium deposits in your ankle like me.
Me: No, it's from an accident. Not calcium deposits.
Markus: Yeah, just like me. Calcium deposits.
Me: No, I broke bones. It's not from calcium deposits.
Markus: Yeah, me too. Calcium deposits.
(I give up).
Me: Yep. Same.
Markus: Can I touch it? Can I take a picture of it?

Of course. Of course.

Me: Do you like scars?
Markus (bewildered, awed): Huh? Wow. How did you know that? Wow. How did you know I like scars? Wow. I just moved to Salt Lake. Anything fun to do here?

(I try telling him places to go, like dance clubs since that's usually what I think people mean when they ask questions like that. I can tell he's not listening to one word I say.)

Markus: Wow. That's amazing. Wow... Wow...
Me: What? The Hotel, yeah. It's great.
Markus: You got the most beautiful eyes I ever seen. Wow. I can't believe it. They're all green and yellow. Wow. I want to draw your picture.

(He pulls out his portfolio with his art in it. Really awesome eagle drawing done with ballpoint pen and candle wax. WISH I had cash with me).

Me: Beautiful. I love your art.
Markus: You want to have mixed babies with me? They're the most beautiful babies...

And that's the moment I KNEW I had found love.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Summer Of Fun

My summer of fun is over. OVER.
The End.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

japanese tv More

But This Is My Favorite Thing:

If I Could Punch A Movie In The Face,

It'd have to be 500 Days of Summer.

Sorry, everyone.

More To Love...

You know what's really depressing?

The fat bachelor.