Sunday, March 1, 2009

So Weird

In the whole many years I've lived in my apartment I've never seen any mouse or any sign of any mouse neither in my house, nor in my yard. But in the past couple of weeks I keep seeing these teeny, tiny squished dead mice on our sidewalks in front of our apartment. I think some of the 29+ cats who live in our 1/8 block radius have been finding a baby nest of mice recently and killing them and presenting their tiny dead bodies to us as some sort of sick gift. Seriously, I don't understand how it is that a mouse would even dare to pretend to survive in our neighborhood. Anywhere you stand, there's at least one cat within 5 feet of you. Well, these mice didn't make it very far into this world. These little dead bodies are so tiny. You think it's a shriveled little leaf, but really it's a tiny little dead mouse body. I stepped on one the other night and it was SICK! I screamed. I don't want anyone's dead flesh underfoot. Anyway, Lee & Lisa are getting a cat too. She'll be in good company. And probably Michelle will let it into her window at night to cuddle with her as she does with all so-tro cats.


lisa said...

I like it when you say "Lee and Lisa are getting a cat" because it's so optimistic and it gives me hope. Because when I talk to Lee about it, he still says "NO we're not getting a cat". Just wait though, you'll see.

becky said...

michelle is such a slut with the cats

Lee said...

We aren't getting a cat. Over and out.