Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just To Make My Motivations Public,

I'm going to tell you all what I'm going to do with my life once I finally get all my crap done. And you can hold me to it. Or try to keep me from it, if you're that sort of person.
1) Blog my every move and photoblogument it so my life seems WAY awesome online.
2) Read SO MANY books!!
3) Do art with pisces (et. al)
4) Sew stuff!
5) Do nice things for all of my friends (who live in my building, or at least visit regularly)
6) Dispose of that squished, wet, dead mouse once and for all.
7) Clothe the naked.
8) COOK!!!
9) Go to the library for FUN!!!
10) Go for many walks
11) And bike rides
12) Make an effort to be more fashionable
13) Talk to people more instead of only communicating indirectly through my blog, which I seldom post on.
14) Find someone to help me do my taxes!!
15) Get way buff.
16) Go to the mountains
17) Make jeans
18) Make juice in the juicer
19) Visit many lands
20) Have a FIRE!!!
21) Sit and watch a movie without trying to do tons of other stuff at the same time. (I'm way bad at this)
22) Force people to hang out with me who keep resisting.
23) Force CK to bake me more goods.
24) Force Michelle and others to resume "adventures in fitness"
25) Force Brian & Kelli to let me come visit them.
26) Force Nathaniel to let me come visit him again.
27) Think of more things to force people to do.
I just need to get all this done. And then... And then.... And THEN!!


becky said...

i am very much interested in helping you achieve some of these goals.

lisa said...

I'd like to join you in the following:
4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 13.

nathaniel said...

lisa i think you should join her in 26 as well.

natali said...

when you use the word force so much its really surprising you werent the red one...i demand a retest.

marshall p said...

I'm a pisces!

kel bel said...

you can't make us do anything! and btw, what color were you? how could you fail to post on what color you are?!?

andrew said...

you can't force the naked to wear clothes. and if they're way buff it's not a problem anyway. but, by all means, get rid of that mouse before a dog rolls on it.