Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm better than you...

I'm better than you because:
  • I ride my bike everywhere
  • Which means that I love the earth
  • And I'm not fat
  • Or lazy
  • Like you
  • And I own the streets and feel like I can do anything I want when I'm riding my bike
  • And my bike gets 8 miles to the organic banana.
  • So you better watch out for me on the streets
  • Because I'm not going to look around for anyone else!


oliver.and.emily said...

love it. that totally cracks me up, i love the 8mi/organic banana.

Margaret said...

well, i always knew you were much better than me, but it sure sounds like it's high time for me to get off my ass and onto a bike! miss you and love you, elin!