Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Great State of Utah Great State Fair

The Great State of Utah Greatest State Fair of the World, by Lady Ace.

This is me and my homegirls at the Utah State Fair Great State Fair Experience. (I am the bottom left pear. Hoon is top left. AJ is top right. Natcakes is bottom right pear.)

For us the fair was a wonderful experience. We saw many animals and many beautiful and interesting things. For example we saw this beautiful baby girl that someone crafted with her own hands! Blue ribbon!

For another example we saw kernel pops. Both clever and cute! And even TASTY!!

This is me and DH pretending to be apples. These are the foods which we wish we ate. Unfortunately however we ate many funnel cakes, and fried twinkies, and navajo tacos, all of which made us ill.

And this is a both where you can buy these unhealthful foods, like a fried peanut butter & jelly sandwich! (battered & fried crustable). Please note the look on young excited girl's face. This is how the fair makes each one of us feel in general. Full of surprise and anticipation. My only regret, I didn't take a picture of Lord Piggy.


natali said...

my favorite part of the fair is when i tried to find the lost asian babies to see if they wanted to come home with me.

Heidi said...

That baby doll is freaky. I totally thought it was real.

emily jeanne said...

I love it! I wish i could have gone with you!

kel bel said...

fun! deep fried twinkies are wrong for so many reasons (i'm sure i would have eaten one) but the hand made baby is even more wrong. disturbing, not unlike the booakaroo. sorry nita.