Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So I just got back from a little trip to Boston. I'd never been there before. It's a pretty neat place. Lots of history. While I was there I had this ongoing joke in my head about running around screaming hysterically, "THE RED COATS ARE COMING!!!" just to see if that still gets any sort of reaction in bean town. I don't know. It was probably WAY funnier in my head. I bet no one would even care now if the red coats were coming. Kind of sad, really. We were passing through the park and we saw these red coats. They were marching nobly through the park, so we followed them. They were encouraging people to follow them. But then I realized that it's actually probably a horrible idea to follow a big group of red coats. I bet they were leading us straight to some big trap. These people may seem benign now, but they still have a score to settle. So luckily we didn't follow them long before we came to our senses and moved on.

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