Thursday, May 14, 2009

This Summer...

I've decided not to work. I know, I know. In this economy it seems so ungrateful to turn down my employment opportunity, but really I'm so stoked to sit around and do nothing. I'm trying to get others to join me. Turn down work. Decline. Thanks, but no thanks. What good is that job doing you? Will your fancy job sit with you by the pool and sip on slurpees? Doubtful. But you know who will? Me.
Now I realize that most of you are pretty responsible, and I commend you for that. So if you're not dedicated to experimenting with laziness, I have thought of another alternative. I'll give you the option of signing up for a day to hang out with me. You can take off a day and we can plan an activity to do together (you know you have way more vacay days than you'll ever use). That way I'll feel like less of a loser for doing nothing in the summer and you will have a chance to relax.
I'm going out of town a lot this summer, so there won't actually be too many days to sign up for, and they're filling up fast.
There are some standard activities you can choose from:
-going to the mountains
-drive in
-watching the golden girls
-watching murder, she wrote
-liberty land
-going to the park
I think those are all the standard options. If you have another idea, you may submit it for approval.


marshall p said...

seeing as how I'm unemployed too... maybe I'll join you on your couch adventures. just until the money runs out. said...

i'm also happily jobless.
and i was hunting around city deals the other day and happened upon some excellent discounts for liberty land. we could incorporate gg's if you sit in the back between the car seats and watch it with the boys on our way there. How about June 4th?

Emilie and Branden said...

I would want to go to Jump On It but I pee my pants too much. Let's just go to New Mex instead.