Monday, May 18, 2009


I feel the need to make a disclaimer after my last post. I will NOT be held responsible for you quitting your job. If you choose to do so, you must accept full responsibility for your decision. I will NOT be funding you over the summer. I WILL, however, significantly increase the level of fun you may be having. But those are the only promises I make. If you're looking for a bailout, call the government. I hear they're handing those out. I happen to have a job wherein summer work was optional, so clearly I opted out. If that option is also available to you, clearly you should opt out. But quit responsibly.

Also I thought of some other possible activities:
-baseball games
-responsible campfires
-demolition derbies
-sewing our own swimwear
-morning movies
-looking at the stars
-that new bizarro water park right off the freeway in Sandy

Let me know if you're interested.


becky said...

i like to call that place "Splash Time Fun."

B. said...

It's a water park? I thought it was a level from Super Mario Bros. 3.

bex said...

i want to sew our own swim wear to wear to the water park. i only have a parttime job so i can dedicate two days a week to this.

natali said...

i dont think this blog will hold up in court as a disclaimer. but i fully intend on going to the pool every day with you and drinking slurpees.

lady ace said...

i think it holds up. is this why you quit, nat? you think you can suck all my money. i'm onto you.

oliver.and.emily said...

if you visit california you can sit by my pool (or better yet, we go to laguna beach). let me know when you'll be visiting. my excellent no-pay full-time schedule gives me weekends off.