Friday, June 27, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance vs. American Idol

I just want to rant for a moment. I'm addicted to SYTYCD. I have dancing dreams and I like to pretend that I have a secret life as a dancer. And some hidden talents.

I was thinking about how SYTYCD is like the AI of dancing. However, let me point some things out. 1) For the most part I HATE cover songs. There are a lot of exceptions, but it's typically when the musicians do something interesting or unique or cool with it. But when post-teens on AI sing cover songs, they typically do NOT do anything other than utterly destroy and bring shame to the original.
2) AI is BORING!!! Have you ever actually tried to sit and watch that show??? So painful.
3) The overall talent level on AI is much lower. A bunch of pubescents who have had way to much alone time with their karaoke machines, or rock band or whatever. You can't get on SYTYCD by merely playing too much dance dance revolution.
4) Another point on talent, SYTYCD actually has super awesome choreographers from various genres of dance and they work with the dancers and they come up with amazing & creative dances. Don't get me wrong, the dancers are amazingly talented, but combine them with these choreographers and it's actually impressive.

Minus points:
1) Mary--the wannabe Marie Osmond is probably the most obnoxious person on the earth and I think she knows that and is pleased and that makes me hate her even more.
2) I really hate that all of these America's choice shows think they can take up 2 nights of your week. Greedy. We have other things to do. And more importantly other tv shows to watch. I get that they need to count the votes of the American people, but seriously. It's ridic.
3) I get that it's partly the judges and partly the American people who get to determine who can dance and who can't. I get that. But it bugs me when they give the judges time right before the American people cast their votes to allow the judges to put in their 2 cents to try to sway the American people. I think we already heard enough of them throughout the show. This should be our time, as the American people, to have OUR voices heard. Not just regurgitation of judges' opinions.

Anyway, that's my thoughts. Surely more to come.


Ems said...

so I love both of these shows (DAVID EFFIN ARUCHULETA!!!) so while I disagree with your AI comments, I am totally on board with the SYTYCD thoughts

marshall p said...

I sortof love how much you said, "the American people" in that post. it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. like I was part of something because I watched SYTYCD the other night, so I know what you are talking about and stuff. we're twins.

emily jeanne said...

I agree with your AI comments and I have to add that I am also addicted to SYTYCD. In fact one of the great perks of getting married is that I married into a TIVO. For example I watched last nights '2 hour' show in about and hour and 10 minutes! and I could fast forward through Mary's lunatic ranting. Although I have to admit when Nigel told her to take it down 3 decimals i laughed so hard! So who do you want to win? I want the Asian girl!

marshall p said...

hey! what are you doing? I know blogs are getting kinda lame or whatever... do you even update yours? yes no maybe? but I was thinking we should have a joint blog called, "dream farm" what do you think? love, mp.

I'm going to reserve the name right now.


becky said...

sorry for invading your blog. i don't watch AI or SYTYCD, but your post made me feel patriotic. i wish i would have read it on the 4th