Friday, May 9, 2008

Some Things I Made During General Conference...

I made this bag out of some flowery fabric I got at the D.I.'s and some other cute fabric. My friend Emilie taught me how to make it. CUTE!!!

And here is a belt I made out of an old sheet. No one showed me how to make these. Just common sense. It was really easy. And fun. I'll make you one for 10 bucks.

And I also made a super cute apron, but BLOGGER is having some technical difficulties with that picture, so I'll have to post it later. It's actually not totally finished, so maybe it's for the best anyway.

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Maudie Jane said...

Elin, I so have that sheet, I mean that same freakin' sheet and I have been saving it for some special, dude. Wow, I feel connected with you in a whole new way. I mean other then our need for certain Trader Joe items that are freakishly similar.

Oh and I love the belt and the bag, crafting during GC is my fav. I can listen way better when I am crafting.