Friday, May 9, 2008

More Travelling ALONE!!

I also got to go to Vernal and Roosevelt for my job. I love it out there. I don't feel like I fit in because I don't drive a huge truck. In fact, I drove a Toyota Prius. Everyone out there must have thought I was a total sissy. One of my favorite places to go in Vernal is to the Vernal D.I.'s. Here is a picture of a seashell kitty that I wanted to buy, but not really. I thought I could share it with more people if I put it on my blog. Plus I'm getting a little crowded with creepy stuff in my apartment:

Here is the drive-in in Vernal. I hope to go there this summer. It looks really cool. The one in Roosevelt is cool too. It has a swingset in the front. I hope Melissa had a good 22nd!!

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emily jeanne said...

I wanna go to vernal to that drive in!!!!!