Sunday, October 18, 2009


A few years back, when I was a post teen, I loved to go to billions of concerts. My mom was so baffled by this and she would tell me, "honey, why don't you just buy their tape?" So aggravated I'd reply, "mom! Get off my back! They don't even sell tapes anymore!"
Well, last night my mom proved me wrong. I went to a little concert and they were selling tapes on the merch table. And I bought one. But maybe I got the last laugh because I went to the concert AND bought the tape.
Either way, I'm way excited. I love tapes. They're probably the most hearty and durable music storage device. I know the sound maybe isn't the greatest, and I think I've lost my touch when it comes to rewinding and fastforwarding. But man, you can have a tape in your pocket without its case, and you're fine. You can leave your tape sitting on the dash of your unlocked truck and no one tries to steal it. Try and top that, iPod and cd.
One more thing, I really love making mix tapes. It's so much more involvement. Especially mix tapes from records. There's something special about such an act of deliberate inefficiency. But still, I love making them. If anyone still even owns a tape player, besides me, maybe I'll make you a mix tape. (if I like you enough.) Just let me know.


becky said...

i will be expecting a mix tape. i still have a tape player in my car

Emilie and Branden said...

Of course I still have a tape player. How else would I listen to the 14 love mixes Bdog made me in high school?

kel bel said...

Elin, you are going to be busy with mix tape making. I think you are so in love with your new iPod that you forget we're still living in the 90s and everyone still has at least one tape player.