Sunday, October 18, 2009

Now That I Got My New IPHONE.

Just so you know, you may be hearing from my blog more now that I got my new IPHONE. I just realized how easy it is to post on my blog from my new IPHONE. I can sit in the comforts of my bed and post on my blog with my new IPHONE. It's pretty great. I don't have to go searching for my computer, wherever it may be. I can just sit in my bed and use my new IPHONE. It's great. Maybe you haven't heard, but I recently got a new IPHONE and it's improving my life in every possible way. In fact, every day I learn some way my life can be improved by my new IPHONE. And I guess blogging with greater frequency may be one of those benefits (or maybe it'll burden you more. Especially those of you not important enough to live your life to the fullest with your new IPHONE. )
I wonder if this technically makes me even lazier than Michelle. She definitely has the drive and desire to get out of bed and locate her computer. For me, it's just not worth it. I might go look for that computer every few days. She's much more ambitious than I am. But I guess it's typically more than a few inches from her lazy fingertips anyway. Sounds like maybe she could use a new IPHONE.


Heidi said...

What kind of phone do you have?
like some kind of cell phone?
A new phone?
Starts with the letter "H"?
So glad you can stay in bed all day and blog.

oliver.and.emily said...

now that you got your IPHONE you should check flights and expenses to come visit -- we're set to close next week! the loan for the fancy house came through the same day the avocados there ripened. it's a sign.