Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Update

I know many of you have been worried about how I've been spending my time this summer. "Oh, lady, you'll get SOOO bored without work," you say. But let me tell you, it's not true. This summer has been fabulous so far. I have done most of those things on my list. Some of them daily. And me and my upstairs neighbor even bought us a planner so we could organize adventure.
Things accomplished:
-camping a LOT: check
-fires: check
-golden girls: check
-going in the mountains: check
-the drive in: check
-making friends with a deer: check
-riding my bike: check
-swimming almost every day: check
-studying Genesis: check
-reading tons of stuff: check
-going to the park: check
-cooking food: check
-baseball games: check

There are still things I need to do, but haven't yet:
-go to morgan (greatest mountain town just off the wasatch front)
-swim in the great salt lake (my spiritual home. please don't call it gross)
-go to see shakespeare
-the bizarro water park in sandy (or is it Draper?)
-dress up as a pioneer and go hiking
-swim more, camp more, drive in more
-i've only watched a couple episodes of murder, she wrote :(

So that's my status. If you want to do activities with me before I'm back to the grindstone, there's still some time.


Jiles Pfamily said...

i will hike with you in a pioneer dress. what time and where? if we carry babies it will make us even more pioneery. can my kids come?

becky said...

you went to Liberty Land AND the drive in without me. i'm so mad at you. i'm more mad than i was that one time hoon flew those planes into the world trade center

marshall p said...

oh man. that makes me miss you so much.

here's what I've been doing: spending a lot of time with my baby.

andrew said...

i keep seeing that water park