Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have so many elephants left over from the Beehive Bazaar. Well, maybe 10? It was barely worth it to do that bazaar. Too many tightwads in Provo. Best to do something cheap and easy and fast that people will buy up. But anyway, I know my elephants are cute. And I have some leftovers. And people have been asking if they could buy some, so if you want to buy from me, now is the time. They'll be going FAST. Maybe soon I'll post some pictures up of what I have left. But maybe I'll let a few special people choose their elephants first. I don't know. Probably just I'm lazy. Anyway. I'm selling them for $20 and they're cute & soft and I think they're pretty much all general neutral, which I like and the buttons for the eyes are so tiny that it won't kill your babies.
if you want to.


Ems said...

I want!

Emily Jeanne said...

I'll buy one, do you have pics of the different fabrics and colors??

Jiles Pfamily said...

since you promised me one for jack but never gave it to me i guess i have no choice but to buy it from you now. i want one.

suzanne said...

show me a picture!