Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Thoughts on Kirstie Alley

Don't you ever feel sorry for her? The media loves to take pictures of Kirstie Alley looking her absolute worst. I think Kirstie has crossed some sort of threshold that I think paparazzi and gossip mags need to be aware of: She just doesn't care anymore. She's not concerned about looking hot on her way to make a burger run. She'll go out in her sweats any time, any day. You'd think at that the whole thing of stalking celebs and taking unflattering pictures of them to make them look bad would no longer be fun at that point. It's the same principle that causes some people who are being teased to turn the other cheek and not react and it makes the teaser finally give up. I know that Kirstie Alley is hardly in the lime light anymore. Surely this entry would have had its greatest impact a couple years ago during that whole fat actress thing. But the idea is the same. We need to leave people like Kirstie Alley alone and focus our efforts on people like LC, Fergie, and Jennifer Anniston. People who would DIE if anyone saw them in sweats or without make up. Let's make this intrusive, defiling, and creepy game fun again!!! Let's not waste our time bullying the kid who has already graciously accepted his nickname.


chilidawg said...

Look who's talking!

Anonymous said...

I think it's cool that she's had grace under fire, and that she'll go out in sweats, but going out in velour skin tight stretch pants. I don't care what size you are, that takes some guts.

Good observation... thanks for the post.

ram said...

I peed a little laughing at this