Friday, February 22, 2008

I've Been a Long Time Gone

So I decided to fill everyone in on the changes at our house. Maybe some of you are already familiar with these delightful changes. Maybe some of you will be inspired.
Exhibit A:
This sad girl with her snide cat is Blesh. She's maybe the noteworthy piece of art that we've had in our house for the longest time. She's in our bathroom. I feel bad for her every time I go in there. I can only postulate why she's crying. But I'm pretty sure it has something to do with that cat. And maybe the cat's indifference.

Exhibit B:
Along with the cat theme this is a gold foil cat that dh gave me for my b-day. It used to be central to the cat room in the apartment and he thought it should stay here. This cat is much more pleasant and cheerful than Blesh's cat. I think the 2 cats balance each other out maybe?

Exhibit C:
This is the retarded angel that hung on our Christmas tree last year but is now on our fridge.

Exhibit D:
This is the creepy little doll that DD gave me. I'm not sure why everyone seems to have the idea that they should give me creepy little dolls, but I commend everyone who does because it's the right idea. I seem to be a magnet for things like this. (She's holding an inspirational quote. Let me know if you're interested in knowing what it says.)

Exhibit E:
This is one of our newest additions. This is what dh gave Hoon for her b-day. And now he proudly hangs on our wall. I can't remember the name they gave him. Some sort of vampire g.a. thing.

I hope this was an enjoyable virtual tour of my life and my house. I'm a sporadic blogger. 3 posts in 1 day 3 months ago... 3 posts in 1 day 3 months later. But I'll try to be more regular.


Maudie Jane said...

Love the pictures and the creepy little doll. You do seem like a magnet for creep dolls, it seems like you have ended up with a few from the turtle necks or maybe that was someone else. Well you really should feel honored.

Emilie & Branden said...

I want to know what the quote said. And I'm glad you're posting so I can spy on you. I don't run into you at restaraunts that much, so this may be the only way I can keep up. Want you. 2 more months till you can slap my boob again.

oliver.and.emily said...

remember that time in like 2000 when we hadn't spoken in 2 years (for no reason) and we saw eachother at the movies and remembered that we were friends? and another few years went by and then you were in my wedding? well.. almost 3 years have gone by. lets be friends again.

Annie said...

Wow. You ought to move to New York and be an interior designer. There is a HUGE demand for vampire general authority kitsch here. People are going crazy for that stuff! And they don't even know why!

I think it's called "Frightening Flabby Chic."

chilidawg said...

My only regret is that the Original One isn't part of your collection. Plus, a buackaroo fits nicely in any home.

Danny said...

I am so glad that I can help make your house a home.