Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just To Make My Motivations Public,

I'm going to tell you all what I'm going to do with my life once I finally get all my crap done. And you can hold me to it. Or try to keep me from it, if you're that sort of person.
1) Blog my every move and photoblogument it so my life seems WAY awesome online.
2) Read SO MANY books!!
3) Do art with pisces (et. al)
4) Sew stuff!
5) Do nice things for all of my friends (who live in my building, or at least visit regularly)
6) Dispose of that squished, wet, dead mouse once and for all.
7) Clothe the naked.
8) COOK!!!
9) Go to the library for FUN!!!
10) Go for many walks
11) And bike rides
12) Make an effort to be more fashionable
13) Talk to people more instead of only communicating indirectly through my blog, which I seldom post on.
14) Find someone to help me do my taxes!!
15) Get way buff.
16) Go to the mountains
17) Make jeans
18) Make juice in the juicer
19) Visit many lands
20) Have a FIRE!!!
21) Sit and watch a movie without trying to do tons of other stuff at the same time. (I'm way bad at this)
22) Force people to hang out with me who keep resisting.
23) Force CK to bake me more goods.
24) Force Michelle and others to resume "adventures in fitness"
25) Force Brian & Kelli to let me come visit them.
26) Force Nathaniel to let me come visit him again.
27) Think of more things to force people to do.
I just need to get all this done. And then... And then.... And THEN!!

Do You Want To

Hear something cute? Today one of my students told me that he had a dream that I saved his life. It was really adorable to hear him tell the story. I guess he was falling off a cliff and a reached down and grabbed him by the finger tips and was able to pull him up. I love how strong he thinks I am (subconsciously).

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oh, Guess What?

It's suddenly March again. Do you know what that means? It's pissy-pisces time again. So if you don't feel like getting off the sofa right now, or you find yourself crying all the time, or you want to sit around and talk about feelings or reincarnation, it may be due to the fact that it's pisces time again.

Last year I think the only sign I paid tribute to was pisces (besides my native gemini, of course), and I think maybe it's because pisces is the most pity-able sign. These are the sun's underdogs. These are lazy and mysterious people. I don't normally get along with them. I like industry, hard work, and openness.

Yet it is possible for me to get along with these dreamers. I think last March I pointed out the same thing--we get along artistically. So this year I've decided to pitch pisces season as, "Do Art With A Pisces". I think everyone should try it and see how it goes. Pick a few pisceans. See if you can get them off the couch and stop crying long enough to make an art together. It might really be worth it!

So Weird

In the whole many years I've lived in my apartment I've never seen any mouse or any sign of any mouse neither in my house, nor in my yard. But in the past couple of weeks I keep seeing these teeny, tiny squished dead mice on our sidewalks in front of our apartment. I think some of the 29+ cats who live in our 1/8 block radius have been finding a baby nest of mice recently and killing them and presenting their tiny dead bodies to us as some sort of sick gift. Seriously, I don't understand how it is that a mouse would even dare to pretend to survive in our neighborhood. Anywhere you stand, there's at least one cat within 5 feet of you. Well, these mice didn't make it very far into this world. These little dead bodies are so tiny. You think it's a shriveled little leaf, but really it's a tiny little dead mouse body. I stepped on one the other night and it was SICK! I screamed. I don't want anyone's dead flesh underfoot. Anyway, Lee & Lisa are getting a cat too. She'll be in good company. And probably Michelle will let it into her window at night to cuddle with her as she does with all so-tro cats.

Ok, Ok...

I lied to you all recently. I haven't been doing yoga. I went once and I was all fired up to start going regularly again. But then the next Tuesday I went to a Jazz game (box seats), and ever since then I've never thought of it. And I haven't been doing anything fun or non-productive lately. The poor internet has been so neglected by me. I've been way too busy for anything other than being super busy. Anyway, let's all hang out in like a month. Okay? Or if anyone is interested in a library hang out, I'm down. And internet, I still love you and I want to rekindle our relationship when I have a bit more time. I'm okay being on your back burner if you're okay being on mine. Anyway, love you all. Sorry if I've mislead you into thinking I'm doing awesome stuff.